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The admission system of the University of the Tachira State assign to Academic Vice-Rector Ship and depends of the admission unit, has a primordial objective, to guarantee the entrance of applicants in the different careers that offers the University, of agreement to that specified in the norms.


  • Admission test
  • Admission test results
  • Pre-University course

Visit the UNET Web site of the Admission Unit (on Spanish)

Admission Test

It consists on the application of instruments of academic selection that appreciates the knowledge in an individual way, abilities and dexterities cognitive for:

  • To accept or not the entrance to the UNET of an applicant.

  • To determine the applicants that can be admitted in the Pre-University course.

The admission test is structured in four areas of importance, according to each career, with 25% weight in each area. The test consists of 80 questions (20 for each area) and in each question four possible alternatives are presented: a, b, c, d (only one is correct), the applicants select and then marks in the optic sheet of answers.

Pre-University Course

The Pre-University course covers a group of objectives contained by areas and has the purpose of reinforcing the high school basic knowledge, preparing him so that he faces with smaller difficulty the academic demands of the basic level of the University or of the Admission Test.


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