Carlos Gómez Abraham





Architect, National Experimental University of Táchira UNET - Venezuela

I.A, University of Valladolid - Spain


Mr. Gomez is professor since 1994 in the area of ??Architectural Design and Academic Tutor Internship Professional. Since 2002 it has focused on the area associated with Architectural Design Technology Components Construction, as well as enablement through the Planning and Urban Settings marginal and poor areas. It has a specialization in Architectural Research at the University of Valladolid in Spain and at the same university is currently developing a PhD New Technologies - The Architectural envelope. In 2010 he won the National Prize for Architecture in Steel, as Tutor of Project Altu(A)cero represented Venezuela in the 3rd. International Student Competition ILAFA (current ALACEA) in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He is a Coordinator of Architectural Experimentation Laboratory and belongs to Research Group GIAS Architecture and Society, which have been Coordinator of Teaching and Learning Program. A professional level has worked at the firm G.Abraham C.A Architects & Engineers, as Manager of the Department of Design and Projects


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